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A collaboration between client and artist can be a beautiful thing...layers of symbolism specifically meaningful to's an artwork created uniquely for you. 

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Em, your gift of painting and your ability to give away and sell a piece of your soul attached to your art will be forever treasured in my home. Your custom kookaburra makes our house a “home”. My hubby cried when he opened your painting on his birthday. Thankyou for exposing yourself to allow us to share in the joy of you art

-Fiona Murray


As an artist it is humbling to be chosen to commission a special piece of art for someone's home, business or as a gift for a beloved. 

I work on stretched premium gallery stretched canvas however for overseas postage it may be best to create on a canvas that is ready for you to stretch or frame. 

If you think my style suits your needs pretty please fill out the contact form below.

Include rough size, any relevant info and any ideas for inspiration.

Thanks for submitting!

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