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Hey there...

Im Em and the face behind the easel...a complete nerd for nature...avid red wine drinker and love to explore.

Life for me includes my Zimbabwe born hubby who aspires to work with crocs and my 4 beautiful kids...3 daughters 20, 12 and 9 and 1 12 year old foster son all of which we are blessed to have in our life...yes the chaos is real...yes the mess gives me the s&*%s...but in between I get to paint!

Currently we live in a small outback city where mining is the life...its hot, red dirt gets into everything and our tribe of people are forever embedded in my heart. They have embraced my little basement studio thats in a historic buidling and supported this adventure!

One day soon when our caravan is ready we will travel Australia looking for adventures and diving deep into nature...its where my inspiration well is and to be honest it is where I feel most at home. 

I have always been creative...its just been in the blood and something that I cant not do and in 2019 I studied with the Milan Art Institute which pivoted my desire to rebrand HIPPOCROCADUCK our micro creative business mainly hosting wine and art nights and take me on a new journey.

Freedom...nature...the endless beauty that surrounds us and the serenity it brings to our heart and soul is at the essence of the subjects I paint.

Visual texture...muted saturation of colours...dripping paint and a hole lot of love goes into each artwork inviting you to share in the experience of my adventures on canvas.

So humbled to have you stop by...

Much love 

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