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I'm Em Anders, navigating my way through the adventurous realm of my fourth decade. I'm not just a wife and mum to four – three incredible girls, a spirited son and parenting with my husband navigating the journey of step parenting and fostering – but also a fellow wanderer in the beautiful chaos of life. We travel as often as we can, all the adventures lead to inspiration and that usually leads to my brush on a canvas.

We reside in a Western Australian mining town, where the rugged beauty of the landscape is incredible but also a challenge in its remoteness. Nature, my eternal muse, holds a special place in my heart. Despite the harshness of our outback home, my artwork is a reflection of my longing for forests and water – a yearning for the freedom to live where my heart finds solace. Barefoot or in fancy thongs, you'll often find me in my element, surrounded by the simple joys of life, likely with a red wine and chocolate. 

Art has been a lifelong companion, a dream nurtured through the skepticism of it being 'not a real job.' As a teen mum, art became my therapy, a lifeline that fueled my determination to make my dreams a reality. Now, living my dream as an artist, I'm on a mission to share the therapeutic magic of creating. The act of painting has been my refuge, and I believe everyone possesses the gift of art as a fundamental aspect of being human.  My desire to paint murals stems from a longing to spread joy and make art accessible to all. I embrace each mural as a chance to weave happiness into the fabric of daily life.

I'm here to paint my way through life's chapters, capturing the essence of this beautiful earth, the creatures in it, my love for humanity and the longing for freedom and adventure.

Art for me is a pathway to a world of infinite possibilities. 

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